UNIGLOBE Travel Center (UTC) offers a variety of programs to support your independent travel business, all of which provide top-tier commissions and assistance with the development of sales and marketing plans. Each comprehensive home based travel agent program is geared to your level of experience in the industry and helps you grow to the next level.

With 200 years of combined travel experience, our dedicated host agency staff are fully equipped to help you reach your goals. We focus on support, business development and coaching, and will give you the right balance you require of each element to become the best home based travel agent you can be.

The UNIGLOBE brand is an internationally trusted and respected name in the travel industry, celebrating 20 years of working and growing together.  Since 1996, UTC has been a leading host agency helping travel agents build their businesses and realize their dreams.

Anyone considering a host agency need not look any further. You have found the best there is to offer. Uniglobe is all you will ever need. Well established, ethical, professional, reliable, engaged in your success.
— Marisa Dunn

What We've Achieved

  • Globus Family of Brands
    Premium Agency Member

  • Viking River Cruises:
    Platinum Circle Plus Agency

  • FunJet:
    500 Club Platinum Partner

  • Apple Vacations:
    Crystal Apple Agency

  • Travel Impressions:
    Best of the Best Agency Partner