Questions for “Newbies”

Can I make bookings during my MentorU program?
Yes! Your coaches will work with you to make sure you have a solid foundation. Once they feel you are ready they can help walk you through your first bookings.

Do you offer lead generation?
No, we do not offer leads. The reason why is because leads from a host come with a lot of strings attached... such as much lower commission splits, and the host owning those leads. Instead, we take a "teach a man to fish" approach where you have access to a marketing and business development coach who will guide you through the steps to create a sustainable lead flow for yourself. 

Will I make money in the first year?
The opportunity is there to make bookings and receive commissions in the first year. However, it is not likely that you are going to make a livable income in the first year. The first year is to learn about supplier products and booking processes as well as build up your client base.

Do I get access to a GDS?
No, only experienced agents with at least 2 years of recent experience working on a GDS are granted access.

Can I get travel deals for my clients by being an agent?
There are various specials that are offered by our preferred suppliers. However, there are no magic discounts that travel agents get, and if you worry too much about people who just want the best deal you will always get price-shoppers and not make any money.

Do you offer FAM trips?
There are often discounts and FAM trips (familiarization trips) available through industry organizations and suppliers. The IATAN card credential may be required.  This card can be issued after agents makeat least $5000 in a 12 month period.

What benefits would I get by being a travel agent?
Once you get your IATAN card you get TA rates for hotels and suppliers.

Do I have to get a certification to become a travel agent?
There is no specific certification required to become a travel agent. By being part of Uniglobe you will be able to book travel using our industry certifications.

What if I have already completed Travel School, do I still need to complete the MentorU Program?
Travel School is a great start, however we still strongly recommend that you go through our MentorU program, as it will give you the hands on experience and practical application of being a Travel Agent and running your own independent business.

General Questions:

What kind of networking do you offer?
·      One on-one-supplier sessions.
·      Strong supplier support from our preferred suppliers.
·      Weekly webinars.
·      A very active online forum where agents can ask questions and share advice.
·      Our yearly UTC conference that offers technology training, supplier training, and      agent networking. New agents will also get an Experienced Agent Mentor at their first conference.
·      Call UTC anytime!

How often are my commissions paid?
Commissions are direct deposited into your account once a month. If you have more than $1000 in commissions that month then you will receive your commissions twice a month.

Do you provide a consumer booking engine?
Absolutely not! We provide a cloned website that curates the content for you but it does not allow consumers to book directly off of the site. Instead it send an inquiry to you so you can be the travel consultant and build that client relationship.

Who are your preferred suppliers?
We have cultivated an extensive list of preferred suppliers to meet your client's needs. If you have specific suppliers you like to work with, just give us a call to find out if they are one of our preferred suppliers.

Do you provide E&O insurance?
We do provide E&O insurance but STRONGLY suggest that you get your own policy.

Do I need a seller of travel license?
Some states do require a seller of travel license. It is your responsibility to check the legal requirements of owning a travel business in your state.

Do you offer marketing support?
Yes! You will have access to marketing tools though Ensemble Travel, social media support through our website company Passport Online, and experienced staff members who can also offer advice on your marketing plan.