UNIGLOBE Travel Center celebrates 20 years!

Irvine, CA - April 6, 2016

UNIGLOBE Travel Center celebrates 20 years!

Uniglobe Travel Center, the premier host agency division of Uniglobe Travel USA, LLC, celebrates its 20th anniversary. 

Uniglobe Travel Center started as InHouse Travel Group in Lake Forest, Illinois in 1996, as a home-based Franchise organization that grew to over 200 Franchises in less than 2 years. Uniglobe Travel USA, LLC quickly saw the growing trend of the home-based agent and acquired this organization in 1998. 

Uniglobe InHouse Travel, moved to Southern California in 2000 bringing with it many of the same employees that are still part of Uniglobe Travel Center today, including; Susan Garza, Janet Palange, Fabiola Cardenas and Betsy Geiser. Over time, by adjusting to the changes in the industry, Uniglobe Travel Center has remained a profitable premier host agency serving over 500 travel agents across the USA.

UTC offers all the tools and technology travel professionals need to operate their business. In recent years they have placed a large focus on not only helping seasoned professionals grow their business, but also creating customizable mentorship programs to help build a new generation of travel agents who are just getting into the industry.

Just as it has for the past 20 years, Uniglobe Travel Center continues to dedicate itself to providing the highest level of support, staying on the cutting edge of new technologies, encouraging innovative marketing and business development, and making their agents feel like family.


Summer Corbitt
Sales & Marketing Manager
UNIGLOBE Travel Center
Host agency division of UNIGLOBE Travel (USA) LLC
(800) 863-1606