UNIGLOBE Travel Center Enhances "UTC Agent"

Irvine, CA, November 14, 2012

Recent enhancements in the proprietary “UTC Agent™,web-based Desktop Travel Management Solution developed by Uniglobe Travel Center, the Host Division of Uniglobe Travel USA, have received rave reviews from Hosted Uniglobe Agents.

“Our goal was to equip UTC Member Agents with the Industry’s most robust, relevant and readily accessible Travel Management Solution. We solicited input from our Network to identify the most significant and not-always-so-significant requirements of a modern-day Professional Agent. This iteration of “UTC Agent™” is our most comprehensive and needs based Solution developed to date,” stated UTC Vice President Betsy Geiser, CTA.

UTC Agents in agreement: Susan Hammond of Endless Travel in Evergreen CO remarked:“It is very easy to use and literally takes very little training to understand the flow and usability. I especially like the commission reporting and supplier section of the web site. I applaud those that were involved in the overall design and look forward to sharing it withour new agents in the office.”

Fred Munroe of Travel With Fred summarized: “UTC AGENT™ is my source to: GDS, back office accounting and management reporting, my Marketing Department, my “portal of choice” for comprehensive travel news, my Preferred Supplier “real-time ticker” which updates me on latest offerings and so much more. It gives me 100% access to the tools I need to service my Clients and manage my business; whether I’m in my office or out exploring emerging destinations. All I need is an Internet connection!”

Uniglobe Travel Center’s Geiser concluded: “UTC Member Agents are consistently among the most productive Hosted Agents in the business. Through consistent refinements and enhancements of programs such as “UTC Agent™” we provide our members with the tools to achieve and sustain success.”