Sandra McMillen

After completing Travel Agent Certification, I was presented with an array of Host Agency’s to consider partnering with. I researched carefully, knowing that this agency would be key to my success. I interviewed with several agencies but there was always “something” that just didn’t feel right. I was told by my Travel Agency Certification organization that Uniglobe was wonderful, but didn’t always take new agents like myself – they were selective in who they partnered with. I liked that and wasn’t daunted by the challenge. I reached out to Betsy and inquired – she was very kind and wrote me back that she’d like to visit. I happened to be in Irvine CA for other reasons and made an impromptu stop at the Uniglobe offices to “check them out”. What a wonderful surprise. Not only did many of the staff stop what they were doing to meet with me, they spent a great deal of time carefully answering my questions and ensuring I understood their role and the support they offered. When I started my mentoring with them, they were phenomenal and patient, teaching me so much about the partners, suppliers and systems, as well as providing me marketing direction and support. I cannot say enough about Uniglobe. My agency has taken off – I am building clients daily and I have every confidence in what I do and the agency that supports me. I would not even consider any other agency after working with Uniglobe. They are top notch and I’m proud to be associated with them.