Marisa Dunn


I’ve been an agent for 18 years and worked both corporate and leisure at about half a dozen travel agencies. Never have I been treated with such incredible kindness, professionalism and expertise.

That isn’t even the beginning of their awesomeness. I have become such a better agent as a result of their prestige in the travel industry. I don’t get stuck on hold for life calling vendors on the regular line. I get to call special numbers that are answered quickly, and when I ask them to jump they respond how high? I just love how much this host agency makes me shine with my clients.

Anyone considering a host agency need not look any further. You have found the best there is to offer. Uniglobe is all you will ever need. Well established, ethical, professional, reliable, engaged in your success. They have mastered getting agents to share resources and I don’t think there is anything they haven’t covered in travel. I will never leave them. EVER!